Peacock Dresser

Peacock Dresser

Hey you guys ever just find that one fun piece of furniture you wish you had three or four of, this is one of those for me. Just love the shape and size of this dresser and the fun little mirror insert. After looking at it for a few days I decided on a peacock color and design for it. As always with my bad photo’s it’s hard to see but I used three colors blended together on the bulk of the unit two blues and a green. painted the entire piece in the darkest of the blues then lightly blended the other blue and the green on to create a soft irridescent look to the whole thing. Painted all the hardware gold and added gold leaf accents around the mirror and random gold leaf feather I fond at the craft store to complete my peacock inspired dresser. Very happy to say that someone else shared my excitement and vision and purchased it within its first week of being in my Willowstone market place space{15}, always nice to see your hard work go of to its new home quickly.

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