On Being a Picker

There’s no cure for being a picker. It’s not an ailment, it’s a gift.  It often accompanies the gift of gab, an eye for quality hidden under dirt and the perpetual smile that comes with having fun. It comes with an extended pride in accomplishing the restoration of an item someone threw away, and it also carries with it a smile that can’t be wiped away. Usually you’ll find that the bulging pocket full of cash is the cause of that smile.   

Pickers are not that rare of a breed.  We all have a bit of “thrift” in us.  We hate to see perfectly good things go to waste.  A little sanding, a little polish and a little glue and that broken dining room set of solid walnut, becomes a daughters house warming gift.  The warmth and feel of vintage oak makes us remember the polished oak floors in Grandpas farm house.  Old books stacked in an old pine bookcase; that stands sturdy and tall, brings back memories of the days when as youngsters, we escaped to adventures created from an author’s imagination.

If you’re a picker or a vendor, come in and sit awhile with us. Have a cup of coffee and tell us about your latest find and we’ll tell you about ours.  We’ll also show you are latest finished project. We are having our Grand Opening on the Last weekend in March and we hope to see you there. The Flipping Peddler – A Pickers Marketplace. 3945 N. Academy. Colorado Springs, CO. 80917

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